Divas’ Love: Workplay Goddess II Bag

The lovely people at Workplay gave me one of their Goddess II bags to test out. I’m ashamed to say it’s taken a long while to post this because of a change in personal circumstances, but finally here is my take on this fabulous bag.

About the bag

product_thumbWP GD10 150x427

The Goddess II is both stylish and tailored.  This elegant women’s fitness and travel bag is even smart enough to take to the office.  With space for all your kit, it includes a generous sized wash bag, removable laundry bag, a shoe compartment with separate trainer bag – and even an expandable wet compartment!

Key features

  • 35 litre capacity
  • Generous sized twin compartment wash bag, with removable mirror and compartments inside that fits perfectly in a side pocket of the bag
  • Separate shoe bag and laundry bag so you can keep the main bag fresh
  • Expandable wet compartment
  • Water bottle pocket on the side
  • Packing ‘prompt list’ printed inside of lid
  • Compatible with many major airlines carry on luggage allowance

The verdict

My trusty Goddess II

My trusty Goddess II

A lot of sofa surfing and some weekends away have meant that this lovely bag has been on many, many travels with me over the past few months and has had a thorough testing. One of the main things that struck me was the quality of the bag. The fabric is firm, but soft enough for you to squeeze into a gym locker or plane overhead compartment. Some of the features inside are genius too. I love the little bag for your cosmetics with the detectable mirror. That has been a god send for me as I’ve done a lot of sofa surfing lately and have needed somewhere to put my makeup and toiletries. One of the other things I love about this is just how easy it is to carry around (another thing that has been well tested over the last few months). Even loaded up, it’s been easy to carry whilst wandering about and getting on the train.

The bag retails at £79.99 and can be purchased here.

Overall, I give this great all-round gym/travel bag a 4/5. The loss of 1 point is simply that I wish that they had a combat print version of this. 😉

Diva rating: 4/5

rating 4 of 5


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