Fitness shopping

Some invoices were paid (still finding it weird having to bill people!) and naturally the first thing I did with my first batch of cash (after paying my taxes you understand!) was go shopping.

1: I bought a new helmet camera for my tiny hand held Panasonic TA1. I’m hoping that one of my friends will use this one so that we can get two lots of footage for the climbing trip next month.

2, 3 and 4: I bought two new Nike tank tops. My blue one is too big now so thought I’d stock up on some new staple tops that actually fit me. I also bought some new capri pants (you can never have too many of those, surely?).

5 and 7: I couldn’t resist this Sweaty Betty bikini any longer! I’m more into the sporty look than the beach look so this is perfect for me.

6: Nell McAndrew ultimate challenge DVD – I’ve heard this is a really good one so I thought I’d try it out.

8: Tim has kindly lent me his GoPro so I’ve invested in a helmet mount for it so we’ll have two cameras and hopefully some decent video footage of the trip (I do love making videos!).

4 thoughts on “Fitness shopping

  1. Workout stuff is all I could spend my money on lately. Absolutely love these picks! I`d also love to see some of your footage from the climbing, will you upload some?

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