Oh yeah baby, I smashed it!

Parkrun, Hove

Yesterday was a shocker of a day – great for business, but not so good for my life. I hardly moved form my desk in about 12 hours! I’d arranged to meet my friend (super speedy athlete) at Parkrun in Hove this morning so I dragged my exhausted hide out of bed trying to hold the thought that this is something I enjoy and I promised myself when I went freelance that I’d always make the time to do the things I love. Anyway, I spied my friend at the start looking as svelte as ever – Garmins at the ready and we were off. We got off to a good pace – I glanced at the Garmin and we were running at about 4.15/Km. Legs wise the pace was fine, breathing wise I was struggling and wheezing. After the half way point I’d slowed down to ‘my’ comfortable pace of  5.20/Km, but Marianna was there spurring me on getting me to run faster on the flats and then give myself some breathing space on the incline. I got annoyed with myself though and I thought it’s only a 5k, right – I need to get this as close to 25 minutes as possible.

So I picked it up again – still not the level of pace as at the start, but fast enough to smash my previous personal best (26.50 mins) into oblivion! I am so happy that the number says 25, that it says 59 seconds as well is irrelevant. Another minute to go and I’ll have cracked the sub 25 minute 5k. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Oh yeah baby, I smashed it!

  1. Impressive! Well done. I’m not a runner, but did the Sport Relief 3 mile run a few years ago (4.8k) and did it in about 28 minutes I think so you’re way better than me!

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