Juneathon Days 20 & 21: Exhaustion has set in

So yesterday I was working until 11pm – I was absolutely exhausted, but I managed to do 10 minutes of bicep curls and military presses. I’ve done the same tonight. Early night tonight and then up really early to get all my work done tomorrow. I am definitely not complaining about the amount of work though. It’s tough being self employed so I am really thrilled to have work, but I have to be firing on all cylinders with the job I do so I do need my rest.

I’d like to get back to 30-day shred tomorrow night though – I need to get back on it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Juneathon Days 20 & 21: Exhaustion has set in

  1. You still managed to get 10 minutes of workout time. You know you will be back at it tomorrow! Just don’t try to over-compensate and get injured. Pick up your plan where you left off. That’s my 2 cents anyway! 😉

    • I love it and I am noticing big differences with my core and arms. I’ve got more of a waist (lots of oblique exercises) and my arm and shoulder muscles are getting bigger. I think it’s designed for 1.5kg weights and I have 2.5kgs so I’ve been struggling a bit. 🙂

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