Mountaineering plans

Mount Toubkal, Morocco – January 2012

A lot of the topics covered in this blog are running and fitness related. Initially if you had asked me why I run, it would have been to keep fit for my mountain climbing adventures – something I am extremely passionate about. Now I’ve found that I enjoy the running and the fitness in their own right. They kind of fill a hole when I’m not galavanting up mountains as it can be quite depressing coming back to reality (we call it ‘low altitude sickness’). Having lots of running events, meeting other people, running club, fitness classes and even the exercise DVDs help to keep me focussed on my goals and keep me sane!

This year kicked off with an absolutely brilliant trip to Morocco in January with our winter climb of Mount Toubkal (if you’re going to do it – winter is by far the best and much more challenging than summer climbs!), and a weekend away hiking in March in the Peak District with the Toubkal crew. Next month I’m meeting up with the Toubkal crew again for another adventure. We will be climbing the Dolomites in Italy along the Via Ferrata.

Via Ferrata in the Dolomites – image from

The Via Ferrata (“road of iron”) is a mountain route comprising fixed cables, steeples, ladders and bridges. They were originally built in the first world war to aid the movement of military, but are now used as a means of traversing the Dolomites for fun! I am really looking forward to this trip as 1) I have never been to Italy; 2) I fly in to Venice so I get to check out Venice; and 3) the Dolomites look incredibly beautiful and I’m really looking forward to the views.

Here’s a little video about the Via Ferrata in the Dolomites:

The next trip for this year is my Mont Blanc climb in September. I’ve done lots of trekking in the past and hiking, scrambling and I’ve used crampons and an ice axe, but Mont Blanc is going to be the real mountaineering deal. There’ll be high altitude, proper climbing, long and extremely tiring days of non-stop ascent, and there’ll also be new techniques to learn during the evenings.

Here’s a little video about Mont Blanc:

After Mont Blanc I’ll be able to take on some of the Himalayan mountains, such as Cho Oyu. Who knows eh? I’m justing enjoying learning new skills, meeting new people and seeing the world as I go.

5 thoughts on “Mountaineering plans

  1. The only word I have is “Jealous”. Note the capital J. This sounds like almost perfection (the only thing that would make any of the trips better would be the ability to snowboard down the mountains afterwards). If any of the trips get spaces do let me know

    • Haha, lots of people snowboard down Toubkal so it’s defo doable. It’s a great trip – can do it for under £500. I recommend it anyway. I can send you the Mont Blanc deets if you want? I think they have spaces. I booked through Icicle 15th to 22nd Sept. The Via Ferrata trip is mega cheap as our friend is doing the guiding for us so I reckon the whole thing will come in under £500. We do things all the time so I’ll let you know when the next trip comes up.

  2. I love the pictures but boy would I be scared! I`m scared of heights (not terribly, I can stand on top of something high as long as I feel safe). Just these cables never look safe to me (I know they are!). One day I want to climb some mountain, too, though! The view you get must be such a reward! And I don`t have to start at the most dangerous/difficult place.

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