Juneathon Days 15 and 16: Plank, running & 30-day dread

So yesterday (Juneathon day 15) I had a LOT of work come in such that I was up and working at 7am. I was way too tired to do the 30-day shred so I just did a plank. I can never be bothered to time, but they do feel like they are getting much easier and my form is much better.

Today (Juneathon day 16) I headed to the second Park Run at Tilgate park. Great conditions for a run – nice breeze and not as hot as last week. I was feeling pretty good and felt like I ran it well. I overtook quite a lot of people and this time I ran properly up the killer hill rather than jogging up it. It felt fast, but unfortunately it wasn’t anywhere near as fast as I thought. I was pretty disappointed with my time – 27mins 37secs.

Next week I think I’ll go back to Hove Park run and run with Marianna (super speedy running friend) who will hopefully encourage me to step it up a bit!

While I was sweaty and wearing my running stuff I decided to check out level 3 of 30-day shred. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT move to level 3 too soon. Oh my god it was hard. All the cardio moves have the added difficulty factor of being with weights too and there are also lots of crazy mental things like walking planks (walking arms not legs), walking press ups (as in walking one arm in to the body, pressing up and then doing the same on the other side). I think back to level 2 for a few more days and then I’ll re-attempt level 3! 🙂

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