My must-have adventure holiday cosmetics

I go on quite a few trips every year, this year I’ve been to Morocco trekking up Mount Toubkal, I’m climbing the Via Ferrata in the Dolomites in July and Mont Blanc in September so I’ve become a bit of a pro at what I can and can’t get away taking with me.

Ok so these trips aren’t conducive to full face makeup and face mask routines, but, nonetheless there are usually post- and pre-climb drinks and, frankly, some of these products are just nice to have when you feel grubby and dirty having not had a shower for a few days.


Boots Soltan children’s sunscreen (sun protection factor (SFF) 50) – you may wonder why I use children’s sunscreen? Well for one, if it’s good enough for little ones, it’s good enough for me. Companies tend to do more rigorous testing of the SPF rating in children’s sun lotion products. It’s also a small portable bottle. I don’t like letting my face catch the sun, which is probably why people tend to think I’m 10 years younger than I am!

Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Balm – This has to be one of my favourite products. It’s a balm so you an use it as a face and hand cream, and lip balm. It also has a nice soothing smell so it’s great as a night cream. I took this with me up Kilimanjaro. 🙂

Palmer’s Cocao Butter – I have always loved this product. It smells like chocolate and makes my skin feel really soft. What more do you want?

John Frieda Deep Infusion serum – My god this stuff is amazing! Without it I would have hair like Tina Turner. It actually makes my hair look lovely and shiny.

Smash Box high definition concealer – This is a great all round makeup. I use it in place of a foundation rather than as a concealer.

Benefit Brow Zing – I can’t stand having dodgy eyebrows so for me this is a must.

Bert’s Bees aftersun – I love aftersun containing aloe vera.

Bourjois Bronzing powder – Ideal for disguising goggle/sunglasses lines.

Maybelline Mascara – Need I say more?

What products do you always take on holiday with you?

4 thoughts on “My must-have adventure holiday cosmetics

  1. I have to have Blinc mascara – the only mascara that’s NEVER run on me – even on my wedding day. And a pot of Vaseline Cocoa butter lip balm. Essential!

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