Project sub 25-minute 5k: Update

Thank you for all your really helpful comments on my earlier post. I’ve had a little think about it and put together a bit of a training programme for myself.

So here is my plan:

Speed training: The running club that I go to on a Tuesday evening has an outside running track so I’m going to make use of that one day a week to start doing some speed training. To run a 5k in 25 minutes and under I need to run at 8-min/mile pace so I need to get my body used to running at a faster pace. I’m going to run a lap of the track at under 8 min/mile rest for 2 minutes and then repeat 6 to 8 times.

Hill sprints: There are plenty of hills by me so no excuse for not getting in a few hill sprints at 80-100%.

Running club: I’ll continue doing running club on Tuesday nights, which are usually a mix of speed and endurance training.

Slow 10K: On Thursday nights I’ll join in with the running group and run a slow 10K (1h+).

Park run: My friend who is an amazingly fast runner (1 h 41 min half marathon) has been briefed to run at 8 min/mile pace with me at Park run this Saturday and I’ve told her to shout at me and push me to run faster!

I’m hoping with all this, the healthy eating to keep my weight down and consistent, and Jillian Michaels I’ll be able to nail this in no time. Watch this space! If you have any other tips for me then either reply here or chat with me on twitter @Tinyholder #sub25min5k.

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