Juneathon Day 10: 30-day shred level 2

Today I decided to try 30-day shred level 2. There are no words so I’ll leave you a picture of my sweaty, exhausted face! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 10: 30-day shred level 2

  1. Goodness me a photo really dies speak a thousand words! It’s telling me to keep my butt on level one for a while longer looool!

    • Haha, Freudian slip there with the ‘dies’. It was hard, lots of grunting and f-words were spayed, but I enjoyed it more than level 1. It’s the arm stuff I struggle with with my 2.5 kg weights!

  2. I attempted level 2 for the first time on Friday. Needless to say yesterday I could barely my arms and I am still sore today. I couldn’t face another attempt yesterday so I opted for my new DVD Killer Buns and Thighs. On my god. Now I can’t move my legs either. I will get that bikini body even if it kills me. I have to say it does feel really good though!

      • Oh and I had the arm issue when my alarm went off on Saturday. I realised I couldn’t lift my arms to turn it off! Is killer buns and thighs good too? Might be anther one to add to my DVD list! x

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