Sami and Sian do the new Park Run in Crawley

This morning Sami and I trotted over to Tilgate park in Crawley to check out the brand new Park Run there. I’ve never been to Tilgate park before so I didn’t know what expect. Despite having to get there through some pretty uninspiring housing estates (think Milton Keynes), I was pleasantly surprised at just how beautiful it was – like an oasis in the middle of an extremely built-up area.

We both expected there to be hundreds of people there, but fortunately word obviously hadn’t got around about it so there were only about 100 people there.

I usually do Park Run in Hove park so I was really intrigued to see what the terrain was going to be like for this course. It felt a little bit more fun to run than Hove – less lapping of the course (not a massive fan of that myself), parts of it were out in the open and parts were in the shade, there was quite a tough hill, but also lots of nice down hills for recovery. Because I didn’t really know the course I didn’t know when to start sprinting so I held back a little bit more than normal, but I was pretty happy with my time – 27:40. It was also enjoyable as I didn’t once look at my Garmin as I wanted to take in the views and enjoy the morning. That is, after all, what running should be about!

We enjoyed it so much that Sami and I have both decided to do this every Saturday morning. What did you do today?

2 thoughts on “Sami and Sian do the new Park Run in Crawley

  1. I too ran 5k today, but around the streets – not so nice as in a park! I am eagerly awaiting the opening of a brand new parkrun literally on my doorstep though!

    • I love park run. I tend to plod on my own, but knowing the times and running with others kind of makes you run faster. Lucky you! Both Crawley and Brighton are a good 30 mins drive. I’d love one in the nearest big town. Half temped to see if my running club will help start one up.

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