Are you a Garmin addict?

I love my Garmin GPS watch – I don’t know how I paced myself without it, but there have been a few instances where I’ve wondered if I’ve actually become too dependent on it. The first of these was for the Brighton Marathon. I’d plugged in my Garmin and put it on to charge the night before (or so I thought!) – unfortunately it had come undone so hadn’t charged at all. I had 2 out of 4 bars on the battery and needless to say it ran out by mile 24. I was really upset and felt kind of lost.

I was reminded of this experience during the Ashdown Forest fun run on Monday. I stupidly hadn’t got my watch ready when they started the race. I spent the first few minutes of the race jogging slowly trying to get the watch going when I could have been going for a good time. As it happens I was absolutely fine and had a good run without it. In fact, it was quite liberating to run and just enjoy it without worrying about times. This goes to highlight – do I really need the Garmin? Have I become too reliant upon it? I am quite an anxious person and it always takes me a little while to catch my breath running (I usually hyperventilate a bit to start with) and I have wondered if I worry too much about my pace. I worry if I’m going off too quickly or too slowly, and if I go faster than normal will I be able to keep running the whole time? It’s silly really as clearly I can.

Are you too dependent on your GPS watch?

4 thoughts on “Are you a Garmin addict?

  1. I used to use a Garmin. I loved all the stats it would give me and I did sometimes use it to track my pace during runs. Not so long ago it gave up the ghost and I’ve been using RunKeeper on my phone ever since. I like that I still get all the stats and it’ll shout them at me if I want it to, but more than often I put it on silent and just look at the summary results. For parkruns I don’t use any tracking devices. I’ve found that I have developed a natural ability to run negative splits most of the time and I listen to my body a lot more.

    It’s all horses for courses though 🙂

  2. I’m totally addicted to my Garmin 410. But is is a love/hate relationship. The heart rate monitor died on me and i just can’t bring my self to send more money to Garmin. I also had to send my watch back and get a replacement under warranty! Then the replacement watch froze on me about 15 minutes before a half-marathon this spring! I was ready to throw it across the parking lot!
    When you look at their web site, it really looks like the watches are just a side business.
    I do love being able to track my pace and see the routes I run.
    Recently I was in Vancouver, BC. On the way back we stopped in Seattle and before we left I turned on my GPS. After 811 miles and over Montana the memory maxed out. We were doing 0:08 miles at 35K feet! My watch was beeping like crazy and I couldn’t help chuckling. It was a long flight w/ out a movie. I had to entertain my self somehow! Try it the next time you fly. 8 sec miles are hilarious.

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