Sami: June challenges

Not many but here are a few things I want to master by the end of the month:

  • Be able to do 20 full press ups in one go (I’m stuck on the girly ones)
  • Build my current plank time from 1min 20secs to 3+ mins
  • Get a personal best on the sprint intervals I do with my trainer Helle: 27 seconds to under 23… Let’s do this!

What goals are you going to set yourself this month?

2 thoughts on “Sami: June challenges

  1. My goals are to get back to 170lbs and run more than 30 miles per week. I was away for a few days on a business trip and ate too much and missed a lot of my training runs. So a small set back to over come.

    • I hate working away – I eat horrible hotel food and find it hard to fit in running/exercise. You have my sympathies! 🙂 April/May was a total exercise disaster for me!

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