Dashing Divas’ have been awarded

Thank you so much Megan at Food & Fitness for awarding the Divas with the Versatile Blogger Award!

First off, I need to give you 7 random facts about me that you might not know about:

Me celebrating passing the course with fellow students

  1. I have my skydiving license – I decided about 8 years ago when I’d finished university to get my license after doing a charity tandem skydive. I got given a tax rebate and within a month I’d booked up to learn in Spain.
  2. I hate bananas – The smell, the taste, the look of them. They just fill me with dread! Bleurg!
  3. I love spicy food, but I can’t eat it as I have acid reflux. 😦
  4. My favourite colour is blue – every room in my house ends up being blue in some way without me even trying.
  5. I love Chorizo – I eat chorizo nearly every day (only a little bit though as it’s not great for you!).
  6. I can juggle – I’m actually pretty good at it and at one stage I could juggle 4 balls at a time.
  7. My favourite film is Back to the Future – I have seen it about 100 times, but I still love it.

And here are the 15 blogs I would like to award this to:

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