Cross training is where it’s at

By cross training I don’t mean the machine in the gym, but mixing it up a bit rather than sticking to the same old, same old.

Fot the past 6 months I’ve had some big running events to train for – the Brighton Half Marathon in February and the Marathon in April – so I’ve had to cram in so much running I haven’t really had the time for anything else.

I’ve been doing quite a few bits of cross training lately:

  • Walking – people always underestimate how good for you walking is, but I really enjoy it. You might even save some money too if you walk instead of driving.
  • Thai boxing – I find this great fun and really good exercise, plus it’s a great stress reliever as you get to imagine you are punching someone you can’t stand!
  • Weight training with hand weights – I like doing this whilst watching the TV to try and tone my arms.
  • Climbing – forget the marathon, I ached for at least a week after half a day rock climbing and because you are having fun and using your brain you don’t notice just how tired you are!
  • Exercise DVDs – I find these easy to fit in in to my mornings or evenings. I love Davina’s Body Buff because you can choose which area you want to focus on (abs, arms, card etc).
  • Spinning – It’s definitely a good cardio workout and also low impact training for your legs and butt so I’m all for this on non-running days.
  • Pilates – I’ve just started doing this – it’s going to take me a while to get used to, but you definitely feel the burn in the abs and the legs afterwards.
  • You probably guessed by now I love yoga. If nothing else, I find it good to do on rest days as it’s really relaxing.

How do you cross train?

6 thoughts on “Cross training is where it’s at

    • I’ve tried pilates on several occasions and I find it hard to get into, but i’m going to preserver this time as I know it’s really good for you and I badly need to strengthen my core.

      • I think because I got into it to rehab a shoulder and neck injury I had a pretty much immediate positive reaction to Pilates. The nature of my injury meant that yoga was actually quite painful for a while, particularly postures like downward facing dog which is a major component of all classes!

  1. I also try and avoid burnout by throwing in some other stuff! I try to incorporate weight training every day along with yoga and spinning occasionally.

  2. Since I did a lot of running to prepare for my half marathon, I needed a break after I ran and chose to cross train in the form of cycling, walking and weight training. I love Body Pump classes at my gym. You do an hour of weight training and you feel it like crazy the next day! Great post 🙂

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