Salad for salad dodgers: Delicious no dressing salad

I have a confession to make – I used to be a salad dodger. I think it’s because ‘salad’ is usually an uninspiring combination of lettuce, tomato and cucumber or laden in lard (i.e., caesar salad) making it more healthy to eat a Big Mac and fries.

I decided to preserver and try out making my own salads with the things I like. This isn’t so much a recipe as an assembly, but for my absolute favourite and virtually (bad) fat free salad all you need are the following:

1x ripe avacado,Β 1x tomato, 1x bag of salad or little gem lettuce, 2 or 3 beetroots (jar or vacuum sealed), rock salt (or low sodium salt – replace with chilli flakes if on a low salt diet) and black pepper (ground), and some form of protein – I’m using chorizo here, but you could replace this with lean bacon, ham, chicken etc (in fact this would then make it 14 syns on Slimming World Extra Easy plan – take out the avocado and it’s free)

There are 2 key things that make this salad a salad dodger friendly zone. Firstly, I always chop everything into small chunks so that each mouthful then has a little bit of everything in it. Sounds simple I know, but every salad dodger’s worst nightmare is having just the lettuce left at the end and none of the good stuff.

Tomato and beetroot cut into small chunks rather than slices

I like to do the same with the avocado by scoring the avocado and then scooping it out so you get cubes of avocado and finish by adding your chicken, ham or chorizo (also in small pieces).

The second secret ingredient to this salad is the seasoning. I like to season mine with rock salt and ground black pepper. Believe me – once you start seasoning salads you will wonder how you ever ate them without it! If you would rather not use salt, you could replace this with chilli flakes or paprika.

So here it is – my favourite salad. Time to make – precisely 3 minutes, most of which was the time it took me to find the ingredients in the fridge!

I didn’t choose all of these ingredients for the taste alone:

– Eating avocados helps lower cholesterol (increasing the ratio of healthy fats to bad fats) and they contain L-carnitine, which helps to promote fat metabolism and increase energy production in the muscle cells. They are also rich in potassium, which helps reduce belly fat and prevent fluid retention.

– Beetroot contains nitrate, which has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve circulation and boost stamina by as much as 16% in athletes.

Hope you like the salad and let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Salad for salad dodgers: Delicious no dressing salad

  1. Yum I love adding beetroot to my salad. It adds colour, flavour and excitement (as I rarely have the energy to open a can of beetroot and deal with the red mess all over the counter!). At the moment, I am quite into adding cottage cheese to my salad..not only is it delicious but it adds a bit of protein and calcium πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ™‚ I think you can buy them in jars, which you can then keep in the fridge. Good thing is then you just grab one out with a fork as and when you need it. I love beets though and they are so so good for you. Cottage cheese – that sounds yum.

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