Running club: Sprints and 4x100m relay

Yesterday’s running club was great fun. We started off with usual warm up – 2 laps around the track followed by a mixture of cardio and core (sit ups, press ups, mountain climbers etc). Then we split in to 2 groups – one group did the endurance run and the other sprints. I chose sprints because 1) I really badly need to improve my speed and 2) I figured I can do endurance runs any time. I’m so glad I chose sprints – it was so much fun. We started with some warm up moves – knee lifts and skipping just to loosen up the muscles, then we did 4 lots of 80m sprints at 80%. This distance was perfect as you just got into your stride without getting absolutely exhausted.

My favourite was the relay. I haven’t done a relay in about 15 years, but boy was it brilliant fun! My team won, although I have to say I was more of a hindrance than a help as I think pretty much everyone overtook me! 🙂

The session rounded off with several 200m sprints – by which point I was exhausted, but I felt like I’d had a really good workout.

I’m really enjoying running club – it beats the treadmill and boring long distance runs on my own. Here’s hoping that I can start getting my times down soon!

2 thoughts on “Running club: Sprints and 4x100m relay

  1. Tgst sounds like a lot of fun, I absolutely love sprinting, it’s learning to pace myself for long distances that is the major issue.
    Joining a run club sounds like a great way to train

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