Guest post: Circus mum juggles life, exercising and diet

The lovely Tinuke of Circus Mums fame is embarking on a fitness journey and has very kindly agreed to share her journey with the Divas. 

As a teenager I would laugh and shake my head at the very idea of having anything but a wash-board tummy. I was athletic, ran for the county and took part in other sports when I wasn’t training for athletics. I loved to dance, wear skin-tight clothing and loved shopping for clothes. I could shop in sample sales and knew that if it said a size 10 on the rail it would fit.

Fast forward ten years to present day me and I wouldn’t even be able to recognise my teenaged self. Gluttony, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and a penchant for procrastination has led to an overweight, under happy Tinuke who is lucky to fit into a size 16.

I try to think my weight hasn’t stopped me from doing the things I like. I still had the balls to move to China after uni to work. I still went hiking in minus 30 degree weather, and learned to ski.  I was still able to be me being overweight didn’t get in the way of anything. Or so I told myself.

In the last four years I’ve tried (and failed) to lose weight four times. I have been close to bursting into tears in shop dressing rooms more times than I can remember and have excused myself from functions because there had been nothing I felt comfortable wearing. I swing from being carefree and grabbing the bull with both horns to shying away from group holidays so as not to be seen in anything remotely figure hugging (i.e., a swim suit).

My passion for exercise had, over the years, turned into a task; a means to an end rather than something to be enjoyed. This year I’m trying to put the pleasure back into being healthy. A salad bowl isn’t something to be frowned upon anymore, but something to relish preparing and eating. Packed lunches are not for those last days before payday when I can’t afford to eat out, it’s something I do to make sure I am eating the most nutritious meals I can without giving myself the opportunity to sabotage my plans. The same goes for exercise. I wake up an hour early (5 am) so I can stretch, run and/or do some circuit training. I hop in the shower after my workout feeling full of energy and knowing that this is the start, the start to the healthy me that I want to become.

Next year I hope to hike in the hills, to run a 10k and to have exercise come as naturally to me as sleeping. I am not there yet but I have started the journey. Sian made me see it is possible and I am so pleased to have met her. I am now working with a great personal trainer who also gives me the confidence and kick up the bum to stay on track. I still make massive slip ups, emotionally eat once in a while or make excuses not to exercise but it is my goal to get in shape and it will happen! I’m charting my journey in my lifestyle blog so feel free to check up on me and perhaps cheer me on too!

Thank you so much Tinuke and best of luck with your weight loss and fitness! x

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