What prevents you from cooking healthy food?


So, what prevents you from cooking health food? I often hear excuses and occasionally I find myself making them too, but I just wondered what your thoughts are on this? Do you sometimes get home late and opt for the convenience foods or do you eat what you feel like eating? I’ve put together a little poll (check out my side bar) to ask this question as I’m really interested to see what the answer will be.

6 thoughts on “What prevents you from cooking healthy food?

    • Interesting that you say that as I think you can make some really cheap healthy food, but it does take organisation and ingenuity. For example, a classic is to make 3 meals out of a chicken simply by eating a roast on day 1, chicken risotto on day 2 and boiling the carcass and making soup on day 3. It seems criminal that a burger and fries is cheaper than buying ingredients though!

      • I totally agree. I hate how cheap unhealthy food is. I try to eat my lunch at the grocery store if I forget to make something otherwise I choose a salad if worst comes to worst. I generally enjoy cooking healthily though 🙂 I’m on a grilling kick at the moment, esp with fish!

  1. My husband. And to the above comment, healthy food is crazy cheap! Fruits and veggies cost next to nothing, buy bulk grains for even less!

    But back to my problem, I cook, but I also must feed my husband. He doesn’t like a lot of healthier food, so I have to cook twice. It doesn’t really prevent me from making healthy food for myself, but it definitely adds to my stress levels.

    • Yes that is a problem – I try and add in hidden vegetables to things when that’s the case (I think it’s a man thing where if a meal doesn’t have potatoes or meat it’s not a complete meal!). For example, for spaghetti Bolognese I add red peppers, fresh tomatoes, carrots and mushrooms to. I agree, lentils, rice, couscous, chickpeas and beans cost next to nothing and I use a lot of those in my cooking.

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