Operation 6-week six pack

Operation beach body

So in July I’m going to Italy with a few of my friends – we will be climbing the Dolomites during the day, but afternoon/evenings will no doubt be spent chilling by the pool. Now fitness wise and dress size wise I’m pretty happy with my lot (after a 3-year battle with my weight), but being a UK size 8-10 (US size 6-8) doesn’t automatically = beach body. Oh no! As it happens, I don’t have the best legs or tummy in the world. Being vertically challenged doesn’t help this either. Kylie is one of the only women I can think of who looks like she has long legs at 5’1″! There’s not really much I can do about the whole leg situation, apart from wearing stilettos to the pool (I’m sure my trekking buddies would find that highly amusing), so I’ve enlisted the help of Jillian Michaels to sort out the jelly belly situation. I’m trying out her 6 week six pack DVD.

Here’s a before picture:

Hopefully in 6 week’s time I’ll be able to show you an after picture a bit like this:

4 thoughts on “Operation 6-week six pack

  1. I hope you have a brilliant holiday!
    Gillian Michaels will work, I’ve got her 30 day shred and she kills it!!
    Can’t wait to see your ‘after’ photos xx

  2. Good luck with this. I am on Operation Bikini for my friend’s wedding in Skiathos at the beginning of June. I am making reasonable progress having cycled to work every day this week and really focussed on my portion control and “health choices” (as Gillian would say). I can definitely see a difference

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