Yesterday I went…Thai Boxing

If you said to me I could only do one sport (not including running) for the rest of your life it would be Thai Boxing. I absolutely love any kind of boxing to be honest. I think it’s because even though I’m little and slim (now anyway), I’m not skinny and I’ve always been quite strong so boxing is something I excel at (there had to be one thing, right?). One day I’d like to give weight lifting a go as I think I’d be pretty good at that too.

I used to go to this particular women’s Thai-bo class last year – Heath Ladies Thai Boxing, but running and life in general got in the way, but I’m determined to get back on it. So I dusted off my boxing gloves and off I trotted.

The class is over an hour of intense exercise. It starts with a warm up of cardio and core, and then the remainder of the class is a mixture of cardio and core interspersed with the Thai Boxing itself. Thai boxing, unlike normal boxing, also includes kicks, knees, and elbow strikes.

What I love about it is, unlike a gym class, you are learning a skill as well as toning and getting fit.

If you have a Thai boxing or kickboxing place by you, I say give it a go as it’s really good fun and great exercise.

P.s: If you live near Crawley or Haywards Heath drop Ruth an email as she runs several classes and is a great teacher: and this is her – she’s pretty hardcore!

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