Running club: Oh how I’ve missed you


Last night I went back to the running club. I haven’t been since January, for various reasons, but mainly as it was difficult to get back from London in time. One of the main reasons for going freelance was to have more time to do these things that I enjoy and I took full advantage of that last night.

Yesterday it was as hot here as it was in Florida. Most of my training has been in the winter and the spring, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope with the heat, but it didn’t bother me at all.


We started off with a warm up – 2 laps around the track. We were then split off into 2 teams and had to race off to the hedge and back 3 times (probably about 800 metres; I was absolutely exhausted after this). This was followed by some core/cardio work (press ups, sit ups, mountain climbers and star jumps). For the last 30 minutes, we did some pyramid work (2, 4, 6, 6, 4, 2 minutes) – essentially running for a defined period and then walking for 1 minute. I was exhausted but felt great afterwards and I had a really good stretch so I feel pretty good today.

I’m really looking forward to being affiliated to a club, and getting speed work and cardio into my training. I know I have the endurance to run for a long time over long distances, but I need to improve my speed.

2 thoughts on “Running club: Oh how I’ve missed you

  1. Speed work is DEFINITELY better with company! I had a few weeks with a running club in London but frankly the guy running it was more than a bit odd (boasting after sessions that he “didn’t even like running” but did it to get PT clients, and other random outbursts!) so I’m looking for a replacement!

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