Bognor Regis 10k: Review and a new PB

This weekend I ran in the Bognor Regis 10k. I haven’t done a 10k since last November as my weekends have been taken up trying to get in 15+ mile runs. I’ve been desperate to find out if my speed has improved since November’s time of 1h 2mins.


Fortunately the race started reasonably late at 10.30am or god only knows what time I would have had to get up. Bognor Regis is actually a good 1.5h drive from my house. Anyway, I arrived early and got to the car park no problem, the race was well organised with lots of marshals. People were also out in the streets in full force to cheer everyone on.

My strategy was just to run until it hurt or I collapsed. I wanted to set myself a good time to try and beat. I spotted a woman at the start who was running at about the perfect pace for me to get a sub-hour 10k and she looked really comfortable so I just followed her the whole time, until the last 0.8k where I ‘raced’ off. The entire course was flat so I knew I had a good chance of getting a decent time and I was pretty pleased with 58 mins 17 secs. I still think I can do better – I only got about 4 hours sleep the night before and felt lacking in energy as a consequence, but hey it’s under an hour! 🙂


Another bit of bling to add to my collection.


Diva rating: 5/5rating

3 thoughts on “Bognor Regis 10k: Review and a new PB

  1. Nice run! 8:25 miles are great and getting under 1 hour is a real accomplishment. It’s not easy but if you keep at it and have realistic goals it can and does happen. So what is your next goal for the 10K? Maybe an 8:00 pace?

    • Thanks! I’ve just noticed my official chip time was 0:58:11 – even better! My next goal is 55 min 10k. I just need to believe that I can make it all the way round. I always have this self doubt that if I push it too hard I’ll have to stop and walk. It’s crazy really as I can run solidly for over 5 hours so I know I can do it. Some sleep the night before and also doing a more local run will help I’m sure. This weekend I have another 10k, but this one is in the next village so only a 10 minute drive.

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