Review: Workplay bags Fleetfoot II running bag

I was really excited when Workplay bags asked me to review their Fleetfoot II women’s running bag. I actually use these bags myself (see earlier post on what I carry with me on a long run here), especially for longer runs where you need more supplies. I am also a sucker for helping out small start up companies so was happy to provide my honest review.

Before I had a go myself, I watched the video on their site as I wanted to make full use of all the features and one thing that really struck me is just how well designed and well thought out this bag is. It looks much smaller than my existing waist band, but there are some really clever pockets and features of this bag that are not obvious to the eye. My absolute running essentials are water, keys, money/card, phone, and iPod.

They have rather brilliantly thought of all of this and have created specific pockets within the bag to accommodate these. For example, there us a padded internal ‘ninja’ pocket, which is specifically designed for keys and coins to minimise jangling whilst running, and there is also a nifty bungy system for you to hook through your jacket.

When you put the bag on and adjust the strap, it sits comfortably into your lower back and I had a go at running and it doesn’t seem to bounce around much at all, which is good as there is nothing more annoying than things banging against you when you’re running. For the Brighton half marathon, I stupidly put my iPhone in my pocket and about 1 minute in it was already irritating the hell out of me! If I were to add anything else, and I am being picky now, perhaps I would add in a couple of pockets on the side for gels, but otherwise I think this bag has been really well conceived and well put together.

I am impressed and I will certainly be buying some other bags from them in the future.

Check out their website and watch the video for yourself for more on this and other bags that they make.

Diva rating: 5/5


This is a review and for full disclosure, we received the bag to try out for free. The views expressed in this review are entirely my own.

9 thoughts on “Review: Workplay bags Fleetfoot II running bag

  1. Brilliant! I have been looking for a new waist bag as my current one just isn’t working for me anymore and moves around a lot when I run. This looks perfect, I think I’m going to invest in one. I’ve also just looked at the website – the bags look fantastic – so well thought out. Now, can I justify a new rucksack…..?

      • Dash has the rucksack and it looks brilliant. I think I’m going to have to get one. The big gym bag also looks fantastic although I’d use it more as a travel bag – I don’t have a good bag for overnight stays/weekends away/cabin luggage at the moment and it looks so well organised. There. That’s that justified too πŸ˜‰

      • Hi Becca, This is Guy the designer of the bags. The thinking behind all workplay bags is that we cannot be cheaper than the big sports brands because we do not sell thousands – but we can try and make bags that are better value for money by making them useful for more than one thing… The Goddess II is designed to be a bag that you can use for weekends and for gym and classes. We hope you find the styling means it will fit in all sorts of sports and work and social situations. What is most important we think is to make a very practical and versatile bag that will work with a wide range of sports and activities. For instance the New Goddess II it now has an expandable wet compartment which has been created with next to no extra weight penalty, and we made the bag a teeny bit bigger so the wash bag that is included in the side pocket can take full size hair and shower bottles and more. (All the feedback I got was I could not make a wash bag to big!)
        The Gymwise II backpack – although it is a totally different bag altogether – does so many of the same things as the Goddess II just in a more compact way. Though it’s only 17 ltrs … having a shorter back length and utilising all the space in the bag ( it has a suspended harness pocket in the top to use that space for a wash bag) you can pack more in it than you could think. The key thing though is comfort – it took us 3- 4 months to get the shoulder straps right – we did fittings on all different size girls and came up with a slender shoulder strap that just holds the bag nice and high and snug on your back and means it is really stable when running for the bus! No bag on your back is ever going to un-noticeable but we have made something that packs lots of kit and can cross over again from commute to work, gym, and holiday. We are so pleased you like the look of the bags and tHanks so much for your feedback . By listening we can only design even better products for women – and making practical stylish bags for women in a hurry is what we are out to do. forgive the blah – it’s just so nice to listen and talk with you. Best Regards Guy M.

      • Hi Guy,

        It’s great to hear how much thought has gone into the design of these bags. I completely agree on the value for money front. I have a lot of bags that are great for one thing but really aren’t versatile at all. As someone who needs to carry a laptop everyday but also goes to yoga classes and sometimes runs home from work the rucksack looks perfect for me so I’ve just placed an order for a Fleetfoot and a rucksack! I’m particularly keen to try out the Fleetfoot as I’m running the BUPA 10K next Sunday and have been wanting a new running bag to wear as my current one just doesn’t really fit properly. I look forward to the bags arriving and I’ll let you know how I get on.


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