Give yourself a break

I know it’s hard, but sometimes the best thing for our bodies when we have been training hard for something (and in my case in January over training to the point of exhaustion) is rest!

It’s often easier said than done though. We put pressure on ourselves, our trainers pressurise us, and sometimes I swear even my cat looks at me disapprovingly thinking ‘listen b*tch, your laziness is making me look good’.

Two weeks before the marathon Sami and I had our long run and we both struggled. Then I had the hip pain – I tried running and managed about 3 miles before the pain kicked in so I actually did nothing for 2 weeks before, but do you know what – I still made it round. In actual fact, I ran it on fresh legs and sometimes I find it better running on fresh legs than tired, overtrained legs.

Give yourself a break – if you’re not feeling it, don’t push it!

Do you agree or do you always train in some form or another?

One thought on “Give yourself a break

  1. I totally agree. While I have never trained for anything as strenuous as a marathon (and probably never will lol) I sometimes need to listen to my body and rest. Body needs rest is not to be confused with mind is being lazy though… Which is something I need to work on at time 😉

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