Review: Bouldering at The Arch, Bermondsey

On Friday after work I popped over to The Arch climbing wall in Bermondsey for a bouldering induction. Just to credit that I found out about this place through PrettyFit. For those of you who don’t know, bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and limited to very low climbs over a crash pad (called a bouldering mat).

Me back in October really struggling at rock climbing.

I actually arrived late, so they quickly took me through the safety part (how to land and climbing etiquette) and before I knew it I was climbing like a monkey up the first section of the wall! I was so proud of myself as last time I went climbing I absolutely sucked massively at it, but this time it wasn’t an issue of strength at all. The climbs got progressively harder though. The next one had much larger gaps between the hand and footholds, and although I got up there no bother, I got totally spooked climbing down so I actually jumped from half way up (only 8 feet or so, but still!).

Once I’d got over the shock of that (it actually wasn’t bad at all – the fear of jumping was worse than the landing, which was fine!), I was back on it and we then had a few really complex virtually seated starts where I looked at the instructor and thought ‘how the hell do you expect me to get from here to grab that hand hold 3 feet above my head?’. Weirdly though I was able to do it, but I couldn’t get my head around the knee twist and couldn’t quite grab the next hand hold. We then did a section of wall where there was an overhang. Now this was fun. Seriosuly hard (you have to climb with your arms out straight), but great fun and a really good workout!

All in all, I can’t wait to get back there again and I’m thinking I might make it a regular thing. I still ache now so it must have been good right?

2 thoughts on “Review: Bouldering at The Arch, Bermondsey

  1. Sounds great! As I cycled at speed down through Cheddar Gorge on Saturday I looked up to see a group of about 20 guy’s and girls busy climbing the sheer face walls – all they had to fall on were bouldering mats but it looked a totally spectacular place to be climbing. Wish I had the courage!

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