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After the marathon I feel as though I need to reassess my running goals for the next few months. I haven’t really spent much time working on running speed at all so all of my goals are time related.

Sub 25-min 5K: This is something I will be working on over the next few months by running in park run on Saturday mornings

– Sub 55-min 10K: I’ve entered a few 10K races over the next few months. I haven’t done a 10K since last November when I ran in the VERY hilly Wimbledon 10K with a time of 1h 2 mins

– Run the South Downs Way half marathon in 2h 10 mins: This is a very hilly and challenging course so I don’t expect to get a personal best, but I would like to match or get as close to my current PB (2h 10 mins) as possible

– Sub 2-h half marathon: I’d love to do this. I’ve got the South Coast half marathon in August, which I think would be a good one to get a PB. It’s flat, it’s lapped so a good way of judging when to pick up the pace, and there’s a sea breeze

What are your running goals over the next few months?


4 thoughts on “Running goals

  1. My goal is to run the Twin Lights Half Marathon this weekend at 8:15 miles. I plan to run the ING Hartford Marathon in October at 3:50, my buddy says we will qualify for Boston but that is more like 3:25. Right! Sometime this summer I want to run a 10K at an 8:00 pace. I think these are doable, but will be challenging.

      • We had a great day Sunday at Twin Lights. It was a little warm, but being next to the Ocean we had some nice breezes.
        I ran the race hard as I knew it was the only hope I had of hitting the 8:15 pace. At the finish I knew I set a new PR. When I looked at the race results my net time turned out to be 8:13 miles! I was very happy to see that my training is paying off.
        Keep at it, it can be done.

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