Bling chaser

Yes I admit it – I am a bling chaser through and through. I’ve got quite a collection now and I’ve even resorted to buying a medal rack (as discovered by Dash – good find) to store my bling.

Left to right: Ashdown Forest fun run (cross country 5k) – June 2010; Eastbourne Half Marathon – March 2012; Adidas Women’s 5k – October 2010; Brighton Marathon – April 2012; Brighton Half Marathon – February 2012; British 10k – July 2011; Trek Kilimanjaro 2011; Energised Sports Wimbledon 10k – November 2011; Brighton Heroes 5k – May 2011; Ashdown Forest fun run (cross-country 5k) – June 2011; Hike 4 Hospices – 40 mile walk across the south downs.

Where do you keep all your bling?

7 thoughts on “Bling chaser

    • Dash is a genius – she always spots all the cool things. I used to hang mine on a candle sconce, but I think it’s time to give them a special home of their own. I’ve decided to make my office a little running/exercise shrine. 🙂

  1. I hang the most recent medal or two on the rear view mirror in my car. I just got around to hanging my Boston Marathon medal. Eventually they end up hung around the neck of an antique Pepsi or Coke bottle in one of my basement windows. Where do you have your medal stand?

    • Mine will hang in my office when it arrives. My office is being redecorated so I’m going to make it into a sporting shrine with some of my running and mountaineering photos.

      • Nice. I work in a cubicle so that wont work. I do pin up my bib numbers. By last December it was beginning to look like a scene from A Beautiful Mind in my cube.

      • Haha, don’t get too excited. I have a home office as I’m starting freelancing this Month. I currently work in London where only the senior senior people get offices. 🙂 Haha, you should take pictures of that and put it on your blog! i always throw the bibs away. I should keep them really, but they are usually a sweaty nasty mess by the time I’ve finished with them.

      • That’s too bad you throw them away. I know you can only keep so much stuff. I write my finish time and where I came in as far as overall, age group, sex, etc. That way if I loose my spread sheets again at least I have a mylar document to fall back on.I have 6 pinned up so far. I’ll post a pic next week when I add my number from this weekend’s half-marathon.

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