I choose life!


Call me crazy, but I’ve made a decision – I’ve quit my well-paid, good-prospects job to become in complete control of my own destiny and master of my own universe. I’ve only gone and set up my own little consultancy firm. I just had a long hard look at my life, how stressed and tired I am, and how, even though I love the company I work for, the nature of the beast means that I have to commute, work long hours, spend time away from family and friends, and be out of the house for 12+ hours a day.

You see, the things that are important to me and things that you can’t get back no matter how hard you try are time with friends and family, and time to enjoy all the sports I love while I’m young, fit and healthy. I don’t want to look in the mirror anymore and see a person with a grey face, bloated stomach from eating hotel food, and require ‘Blackberry botox’ by the age of 35!

Don’t get me wrong – I am incredibly driven, diligent and hardworking person, but I’m no longer ambitious for my work, I’m ambitious for my life. I want to practice yoga every day, run every other day without feeling wrecked, cycle more, blog more, see friends and family without resenting giving up my weekend and my one opportunity to rest.

So, my new venture will involve working from home, choosing my hours (i.e., if I want a lie in I can and then work late), choosing who I work with (no people who make me feel inferior), having more control over what I eat (i.e. making my food from scratch), and having more time.

I know I’m extremely lucky that the industry I am in is so short of professionals who do my job that I will more than likely have to turn down work. It may turn out to be the best decision I’ve ever made or it could be a complete disaster, but you never know until you try!

I’ve decided to choose life! 🙂

12 thoughts on “I choose life!

  1. When I was on maternity leave I remember reading an article about women who had set up their own business after having a baby in order to improve their work-life balance and had become very successful and fulfilled in the process. I used to rack my brain to come up with an idea so I could do the same but never did; or perhaps I was just too scared/tired/busy to take the risk.
    So I think you are definitely making the right choice. What’s the worst that can happen?I That would probably be going back to your old job.
    Well done Sian and good luck x

    • Thank you! I agree – if all else fails I’ll go back, but this year I’ve decided to be brave and follow my dreams. I at least want to say I tried. :-h

    • Thank you! It was a slow start with, but now got some work in. Off working near Chancery lane tomorrow and got a meeting in Brussels at the end of the month.

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