Bellydance : cross training for dashing fashionistas

This looks really good fun and I’m all for cross training – even if it’s just for fun or to train a particular muscle group.

Diary of a Dashing Fashionista

This is the first article in my series about cross training for dashing fashionistas, I’m looking at activities that will complement your running programs but are also fun and interesting. The first activity I’m featuring is belly dance. I can hear the scepticism now – belly dance and running? Really?

Yes, really! I met with Melissa Pina, founder of Melissa Belly Dance school and Artistic Director of the Babybliss Girls, to discuss the ways that belly dance can support running technique.


Melissa, originally from a commercial/hip hop dance and personal training background, has been a belly dancer for ten years. She is a vibrant performer, a dynamic choreographer and an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. The belly dance school offers several belly dance courses, including ‘Belly Dance Hiphop’ and ‘Brazilian Belly Dance Samba’ – exclusive classes created by Melissa.

Melissa is in fantastic shape – she spends at least…

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2 thoughts on “Bellydance : cross training for dashing fashionistas

  1. As a man, I have to say that I love belly dancers! I don’t think I could watch belly dancing for an hour but it is fun to watch. At the Great Bay Half Marathon in New Hampshire each year there is a group of belly dancers on the course. I’m trying to add some cross training to my routine, but I don’t think anyone wants to see my belly dance!

    • You should give it a go! In morocco in January one of my trekking buddies got dragged into dancing with one of the belly dancers. He looked mortified! 🙂

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