Ok so my finger slipped…


…and I’ve entered next year’s Brighton Marathon. Entries are now open on the site if you also want to enter. I’m aiming for 4 hours and 30 minutes. I’m pretty sure if I can avoid injury and do more than a month’s training it’s reasonably doable.

We have listed a few running events on our events page so if you want to join us – the more the merrier! 


3 thoughts on “Ok so my finger slipped…

  1. I took a good long look at the 2013 Registration Page today but have so far avoided signing up. It becomes more tempting as the DOMS fades but having run five races in Brighton over the last 12 months, and with the Heroes Run still to come, I think it might be time for a change of scenery 🙂

    • I’m just very lazy and Brighton is local to me. 🙂 I just cannot justify the expense of the London marathon. Having said that, I may well do another marathon later in the year – perhaps a US or Canadian one.

      • This might change after Sunday, but I’ve got zero desire to run the London Marathon. I think because its SO huge and the process for entering is so annoying – I want to sign up for something and know I’m entered, not have the indecision of waiting around for five months to hear if I got a place.

        There are a few marathons that open up their registration in September, I may very well be tempted by one of them *hums La Marseillaise*

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