When waxing leads to equality


Okay, yesterday I went to see the physio and I died of shame. 

I am sorry to admit that the D fell off my DIVA crown.

My leg wax appointment is not due until next week. So imagine the physio’s face when he saw the forest of hair which had sprouted over my lovely long legs……..Oops.

So apologies my Dashing Divas, I let you down!

It got me thinking……I sometimes forget that I am a woman when I do sports. 

I know what an odd comment to make. But it’s true. 

Whether it’s climbing, running, bikram yoga, or swimming, the fun part is enjoying your experience with others who are around you. The others tend to be a mixture of both men and women who compete equally. It seems crazy that through sport the inequalities which we associate between the sexes is irrelevant because we focus on the athlete. A case in hand is, when I took up running I outran my boyfriend, and the reason for this was because I was fitter than him!

Sport is truly a great way of bridging the so called differences between people – Whether those differences are sex, colour, race, disability.

I just need to remind myself that I am still a women who needs to wax those legs……roll on next Tuesday!


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