When injury shatters your plans


Here I am one week and a half from the London marathon, and what am I up to. 


I haven’t trained for over 3 weeks. Why? I have picked up an injury.

I am really gutted. 

I don’t understand why I picked up an injury and why it hasn’t cleared up by now, despite regularly seeing a physio.

Hand on heart I can say that I have been a model marathon runner:

Following a structured 16 week running programme – including recovery runs, weekly speed running sessions, long slow runs

Religiously warming up before and after my runs – even for my short 30 minutes recovery runs

Doing Pilates to maintain my posture and unlock the tension in my legs

Eating healthily – having my vitamins and fish oil tablets; carb loading before my runs

Abstaining from alcohol – well apart from the odd glass of wine

Getting plenty of rest

I even followed the maxim of listening to my body, and not going for a run when I didn’t feel like it. 

The last time I ran, I managed to “run” 17.2 miles in 2 hours 54 minutes – Okay not an earth shattering time but my left hip and leg were in agony and so I could only shuffle.

Why oh why is this happening to me?! 

I can’t believe after all the time and effort I have invested, the sacrifices I have made, I sit here seriously contemplating pulling out of this year’s marathon.

Whenever I have struggled to find the motivation to run, all I have had to do is to remind myself of the experience and the fun I will have running the marathon especially in an Olympic year!

And now as I sit here writing, that has been taken away from me.

I could still do the marathon (and walk around) but what would be the point? 

For me, I want to be able to enjoy the whole experience, and push myself to run the distance in as fast a time that I can possible do. Because of this, walking is not an option.

So what do I do?

Do I become bitter, and ticked off with the injustice of it all or do I reflect back and draw positive lessons from my experience?

I choose the latter.


I choose to celebrate the fact that:

  • I ran 17.2 miles
  • I can easily run a half marathon distance in less that two hours
  • I learnt to be disciplined and focused
  • I met lots of really fun people through my running club
  • I have toned muscles, and strength
  • Running gives me a  sense of freedom

I have found a sport which I am good at, and I enjoy.

So as I look forward to the rest of the year, I can’t wait to start running again.


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