Is it possible to look good running?

Well this is me – about to go out on a 10-mile run today. I look hot, right? …wrong! So here’s my problem – I bought all my running clothes 6 months ago and now everything looks really baggy on me and not very flattering. I don’t have an endless supply of cash either and frankly if I had more it would go on a pair of Louboutins not the latest running hoodie. I mean why is it that all the companies make running and workout clothes look so awful? Why can’t they take cues from the fashion world and design them into sporting clothes? I would love a pair of running leggings in bright green, for example, to match my favourite pair of H&M skinnies. Can I find any though? Can I hell!

So, having scoured all the catalogues and website here are a few things that are on my shopping list over the next couple of months:


Puma Move graphic tank top – this is available from Sports Direct for a mere £17. I like the kind of urban feel to it.

USA Pro Orange Tank top – orange is definitely this season’s colour and it looks great combined with grey. This is also available from Sports Direct for £10.

Puma Move 2 in 1 Tank top – layer this with a bright orange crop top underneath (see below) and you’re rocking – again, from Sports Direct and £19.99.

Lonsdale crop top – £7, Sports Direct.

If you need a long-sleeved jacket I am in love with this one from Nike (below) available for £65.


Now, this is the hard bit – the only company that even comes close to decent bottoms is Nike and at the moment they only have 3 options in their Nike Pro core compression pants. Beats black if you ask me.

£25 – Nike


I don’t think you can go far wrong with a plain black or grey Nike baseball cap.

Happy shopping! x

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