Lists: 40 things before I’m 40

Ok, so I’ve got a while yet (8 years), but I love to plan and make lists and it’s great when you tick a few things off so this is my list of things to do before I’m 40 (some of these are more wishful thinking!):

1) Run a marathon – Entered and running in the Brighton marathon next week

2) Learn to speak French – I was always really good at it at school, but I need to refresh my memory

3) Train to become a personal trainer – started

4) Climb Mont Blanc (4810 metres) – booked in September

5) Complete a triathlon

6) Wear a bikini – bought and will be worn in Italy in July

7) Go to Venice – booked for July

8) Get a six pack (stomach not beers!)

9) Have a photo shoot done – bought just need to book in

10) Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins

11) Set up my own business – done

12) Climb Mount Elbrus, Russia (5642 metres)

13) Trek in the Simian mountains in Ethiopia (4543 metres)

14) Go on safari

15) Climb Everest (8848 metres)

16) Learn to rock climb properly – learning this summer

17) Finish doing up my house – planning permission applied for and work starts in the next couple of weeks

18) Practise yoga at least once a week

19) Walk the length of the South Downs Way (100 miles)

20) Climb Aconcagua, Argentina (6962) – Planned for next year

21) Visit Italy – booked for this summer

22) Get into a size 8 – I’m about a size 9 now (27 inch waist) so this goal isn’t that far off!

23) Take a creative photography course

24) Learn to love myself more

25) Go back to Kilimanjaro (5895 metres) and actually reach the summit – planned for 2013!

26) Go free diving

27) Get my pilot’s license

28) Have a picnic in the Ashdown forest

29) Run a 5k in 25 minutes or under – I’m on 26.50 minutes now

30) Read one book a week

31) Visit Yosemite National Park – on the list for next year

32) Visit the Fat Duck

33) Go to a fancy dress party

34) Visit Sheffield Park Gardens

35) Learn to paraglide

36) Give a presentation without having a panic attack beforehand

37) Realise that if I can even think about doing 4, 12, 15 and 25 then giving a presentation is easy!

38) Make more friends, especially those who like me for who I am – working on it this year!

39) Learn to play tennis – might do this over the summer

40) Write a book

What’s on your list?

Coming soon – lists from Midula and Sami. x

One thought on “Lists: 40 things before I’m 40

  1. um since when is hiking and rock climbing diva ish? mine is stuff such as:
    1) id agree with the loubitons
    2) get into the fashion industry
    3) id agree on the photoshoot
    4) get a manipedi once a month
    5) never shop for clothing at target or walmart
    6) get a boyfriend (im 13 btw so i have a long time)
    7) get a poise/ beauty compliment every day (so far so good)
    8) own more skirts and dresses than pants
    9) get married & have kids
    10) go to fashion college

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