Insight into the world of an olympic athlete

The life of an Olympic athlete must be intense and exciting, especially in the run up to the London 2012 Games. The whole world is anticipating the biggest sporting event of the year, which will take place in England’s capital city and a number of documentaries have been launched to offer an insight into the talented sports men and women.

But many of the athletes will attain attributes that can be likened to a vehicle, such as power, determination, speed and endurance; and these videos will offer a guide into the comparisons.

Here are two inspirational films focusing on an Olympic athletes from the BMW London 2012 Performance Team.

In support of the London Games, the documentaries explore what it really takes to deliver the ultimate performance on the world stage be it swimming or gymnastics.

Form and Function

This documentary by Richard D’ Argues discovers the tensions between delivering both aesthetics and technical ability in British gymnast Louis Smith’s preparation performance as he aims for gold. And it learns of the equivalents with the development of the new BMW i8.

Beneath the Surface

This film takes a look under the water to see how Rebecca Adlington delivers her ultimate performance ahead of London 2012. Made by Steven Riley, the director of Fire in Babylon, it examines the mental and physical challenges that face the swimming champion.

What are the resemblances to BMW? It explores the surface of the new BMW 3 Series and how its shape, like a swimmer, is important to boost an efficient and dynamic performance.

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