Running essentials


Sami and I are doing our final long run ahead of the Brighton Marathon in 2 week’s time. We are aiming for 18 miles, but we’ll see how we feel. Over the last few months or so, by trial and error more than anything, I’ve figured out what I need for a long run (i.e., 10+ miles) so here is my list:

  • iPhone – handy if you hurt yourself or get lost on a long run, also good if you want to tweet along the way. 😉 I’ve also used the great Nike+ GPS app on there to track the mileage, pace and your friends on Facebook can also cheer you on by hitting the ‘like’ button
  • Garmin forerunner GPS watch – I couldn’t run without this now I love that I can keep an eye on my pace and slow it down or pick it up. It’s a great training tool especially for those looking to increase their speed or distance.
  • Tissues – the minute I run my nose starts streaming so I need to pack at least 4 tissues in my waist band.
  • iPod – if you have a running partner then that’s great, but if not how else would you keep motivated to run more than 10 miles
  • Anti-inflammatories – these are for post running just incase you pull any muscles
  • Car keys
  • Gels – I hate them, they taste disgusting but they are the quickest way to get some much-needed energy into your system
  • Lip salve
  • Cash
  • Energy drink
  • Water (I stash this along the route)
  • Bank card – you never know if you need more money so always good to carry in an emergency
  • Fitbit – I love to see how many steps and calories I’ve burned running (I will post about this great little gadget shortly)

Before I go running I put spf 50 on my face and also rub on anti-chafe cream as once you start upping the mileage even clothes that felt comfortable before can cause discomfort.

5 thoughts on “Running essentials

    • It is really good – makes you motivated to take the stairs more or walk more in your lunch break. Also good to keep on eye on how much sleep you are getting. I love it anyway. 🙂

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