Divas’ Love: Fitbit


Tim bought me my FitBit for my birthday (February) knowing what a health and fitness obsessive I am!

So, what is a FitBit?

Just in case you are wondering, it’s a tiny sensor that measures how far you walk, how many steps you take, how many calories you’ve burned, how many floors you’ve climbed, and how much you’ve slept over 24 hours. I love a good gadget and find it really interesting to find out how far I’ve waked, but of course the other added bonus is that it makes you think about taking the stairs and motivates you to walk over and see your colleagues instead of emailing them.

How does it work?

It’s a tiny sensor that ladies can clip onto their bra (men on their belt) and away you go. It uses clever algorithms to measure movement. All you do is download the programme, register on the site, plug in your FitBit and the data collected are automatically downloaded onto your user profile.

What’s so good about it?

For someone like me who’s always on the go, I love that I can see how much free exercise I’m getting in addition to the gym and running. I also love that it tells me how many hours I’ve slept and how frequently I woke up (one of my favourite features). There’s also a forum where you can share exercising and fitness tips with other FitBit users. I just think it’s a great little gadget and good value for money compared with lots of other fitness gadgets!


Would I recommend it? Hell yeah!


Bellydance : cross training for dashing fashionistas

This looks really good fun and I’m all for cross training – even if it’s just for fun or to train a particular muscle group.

Diary of a Dashing Fashionista

This is the first article in my series about cross training for dashing fashionistas, I’m looking at activities that will complement your running programs but are also fun and interesting. The first activity I’m featuring is belly dance. I can hear the scepticism now – belly dance and running? Really?

Yes, really! I met with Melissa Pina, founder of Melissa Belly Dance school and Artistic Director of the Babybliss Girls, to discuss the ways that belly dance can support running technique.


Melissa, originally from a commercial/hip hop dance and personal training background, has been a belly dancer for ten years. She is a vibrant performer, a dynamic choreographer and an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. The belly dance school offers several belly dance courses, including ‘Belly Dance Hiphop’ and ‘Brazilian Belly Dance Samba’ – exclusive classes created by Melissa.

Melissa is in fantastic shape – she spends at least…

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I choose life!


Call me crazy, but I’ve made a decision – I’ve quit my well-paid, good-prospects job to become in complete control of my own destiny and master of my own universe. I’ve only gone and set up my own little consultancy firm. I just had a long hard look at my life, how stressed and tired I am, and how, even though I love the company I work for, the nature of the beast means that I have to commute, work long hours, spend time away from family and friends, and be out of the house for 12+ hours a day.

You see, the things that are important to me and things that you can’t get back no matter how hard you try are time with friends and family, and time to enjoy all the sports I love while I’m young, fit and healthy. I don’t want to look in the mirror anymore and see a person with a grey face, bloated stomach from eating hotel food, and require ‘Blackberry botox’ by the age of 35!

Don’t get me wrong – I am incredibly driven, diligent and hardworking person, but I’m no longer ambitious for my work, I’m ambitious for my life. I want to practice yoga every day, run every other day without feeling wrecked, cycle more, blog more, see friends and family without resenting giving up my weekend and my one opportunity to rest.

So, my new venture will involve working from home, choosing my hours (i.e., if I want a lie in I can and then work late), choosing who I work with (no people who make me feel inferior), having more control over what I eat (i.e. making my food from scratch), and having more time.

I know I’m extremely lucky that the industry I am in is so short of professionals who do my job that I will more than likely have to turn down work. It may turn out to be the best decision I’ve ever made or it could be a complete disaster, but you never know until you try!

I’ve decided to choose life! 🙂