Trekking and climbing: How I got started

People always ask me, especially those who knew me before I got fit, what got me into trekking and climbing mountains in the first place. It was pretty random really, as are most things I do because that’s how I roll. One minute I was reading The Metro and saw an Alzheimer’s Society advert for Kilimanjaro – the next I’d paid the deposit and signed up!


Despite hating every waking moment of Kilimanjaro and vowing never to have to endure that again, no one was more surprised than me when I successfully climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco this January and actually enjoyed it! It got me really into winter climbing and made me realise that I am fit and I can do anything I put my mind to. Six months ago friends were taking me aside and saying ‘You struggled up Kili, I think you ought to re-consider climbing Toubkal as you might not make it’. Anyone saying that I might not be able to do something is like waving a red rag in front of a bull – I am determined to prove my doubters wrong and prove to myself that I can do this, and that I am fit and not as useless as everyone thinks.

So, now I am signed up for Mont Blanc in September with my girl Midula, which is pretty hardcore I know and a totally different kettle of fish to trekking. That will actually require technical training, endurance and mental strength. I am determined though to fight all my demons (real and imagined) and show that little old me can nail it and become a kick-ass mountaineer!


I’m learning to climb this summer – last time I attempted climbing (when I was more rotund) I sucked at it, but hopefully with the weight off and my chunky running thighs I’ll find it a bit easier. I’ll keep you all posted with the climbing and the training for Mont Blanc, but I’ll leave you with my little video of Toubkal and if you listen carefully you can hear me struggling towards the top (that last bit was hard work!).

Don’t let the bastards drag you down by telling you can’t do something!I You can do anything you want to do so screw ’em!


2 thoughts on “Trekking and climbing: How I got started

  1. I found your blog via Thifty Mrs and it’s fantastic! Running & two loves! I climbed Mont Blanc in September 2009 via The 3 Monts and it was fantastic but honestly the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. Yet nothing compares to the breath taking views and it spurs a crazy lust for completing lots of 4,000ers in the Alps so be warned! Pre: Mont Blanc…lots of steady running for long distances (10miles plus) and climbing a few steady 4,000m peaks beforehand if you get the chance really helps =)

    • Yey! 🙂 Someone else who appreciates climbing and running! I am so looking forward to Mont Blanc – I know it’s going to be seriously tough, but that’s why I love it. If it was easy then it wouldn’t be fun would it? I can see my wallet is going to suffer then. 😉

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