Eastbourne half marathon 2012 – Review

Well, 6 months ago I honestly nearly died running 6 miles and I never ever thought I’d run 13.1 mile in my life, let alone run that distance twice over 2 weeks.

Driving rain at the start.
Brighton half marathon I found a breeze, but I have to say the Eastbourne half marathon on Sunday I didn’t feel quite as good (running goes like that sometimes). The weather was horrific – side ways driving rain, cold and grey. I went off well – at mile 2 there was a hideous hill that went on for a mile, everyone was stopping and starting but I decided to carry on (albeit so slow that a granny could overtake me walking!). ‘What comes up must come down, what comes up must come down’ I told myself and sure enough down hill we went for another mile or so. I took full advantage of this and raced down at 7 minute/mile pace to try and claw back some of the time I’d lost. Then it was the flat for the remainder of the race. However, by mile 6 my knee was twisting and between miles 6 and 8 I had to slow it right down to 11 minute/mile pace as my knee and hips were in agony. I refused to stop though and thought better for my body to run slow and steady rather than stopping and starting. At mile 10 I managed to ignore the pain and pick up the pace again knowing that I only had less than 30 minutes of running left and 3 miles to go. I was at least 4 minutes behind my Brighton half marathon pace, but the conditions for Brighton were much better so I wasn’t too hard on myself.
Me at mile 13 just before the finish line.

I have to say, Eastbourne half marathon takes a lovely route – it’s stunning along the beach and the promenade and Sovereign harbour is lovely. It’s actually much nicer than the Brighton half marathon. I will probably do it again next year. 🙂 I finished it with a time of 2 h and 16 minutes. Not as good as my time for the Brighton half (2 h 10 minutes), but I’m still pleased with myself.

After the race I immediately sought the advice of a physio and had a gait analysis done at Runners Need (highly recommend doing that before you start upping the mileage). I have been overpronating (essentially running with too much of my left foot touching the ground) so I’ve had to get some new trainers that provide maximum support.

My lovely new Nike Flywires.

Looking at my old minimalist trainers I can visibly see the inside of my sole has rubbed away! Of course because my foot has been twisting in my knee has followed suit so I’ve strained my medial lateral ligament (sounds worse than it is though). The physio has checked out my knee and hip and is not remotely concerned – I have been given the all clear to continue running and training for the Brighton Marathon.

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